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We don't offer standard templates, we help to find the best solution and give an expert advice on your problem based on our extensive experience.



We strive to transfer your ideas from paper to real product in order to help you achieve desirable results. Our experienced experts are ready to reduce your financial and time expenditure by managing the tasks and suggesting the smart solution while you may only designate the purposes and requirements. Now you don’t need to expand staff, employing your own IT specialists but have an immediate access to our competent experts that will render the necessary help and resolve the problem.


Outstaffing is an opportunity to use additional personnel in a limited salary budget and headcount that helps you to focus on your core business and avoid administrative paperwork. Now it’s easier for you to accomplish your goal by hiring a new employee or by balancing your teams abilities with the complementary skills of our staff. In order to minimize your financial and tax expenditures by hiring new employees we will place them in the state of our company.


Making sure that your software matches all quality requirements is the major stage of development process. Quality Assurance testing helps you to eliminate risks and loss of the product value. We offer extensive testing services and QA to reduce time and financial failures after production because of bugs correction. Our competent QA engineers that can be easily outsourced are ready to provide a complete view of your application before it reaches the customers.

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We’re experienced in gathering new teams and selecting suitable candidates with knowledge of necessary technologies.



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